Our Organization

Happy Healthy Pet Adoption, Inc. (HHPA) is a no-kill animal shelter located in Bay Springs, Mississippi. We accept both dogs and cats. HHPA was founded in 2003 by Tom Waggener, Carl and Jeannie Odom, and Gina Dixon assisted by Dr. Danielle Garrison. These citizens were concerned with the number and condition of stray dogs and cats in the Bay Springs area. In the past year alone, HHPA has rescued and placed in homes over 175 dogs and cats. To help address the problem of homeless and unwanted animals, HHPA follows a strict policy that all adoptions are spayed or neutered as well as fully vaccinated before going to their “forever home”. HHPA is a “no kill” shelter, meaning that dogs and cats accepted into the shelter are not routinely euthanized. Only the small percentage of dogs and cats with very severe or incurable medical conditions or extreme behavioral problems beyond their ability to address are humanely euthanized. Most—well over 90%— are vaccinated, their medical conditions are treated, they are spayed or neutered, and prepared for adoption in permanent homes. In many cases, this preparation includes working with a dog or cat who has had little or no human contact and needs to be socialized before a successful adoption can take place.


HHPA is a 501©(3) corporation, and all contributions are tax deductible. HHPA is a completely independent non-profit animal shelter and are operated by a volunteer Board of Directors. All board members work as volunteers for the shelter in various ways. The board members are Tom Waggener, President; Gina Dixon, Vice-President and Shelter Manager; Carl Odom, Treasurer; Bo Dixon; and Jeannie Odom. The shelter is maintained by private donations. If you know of any individual or organization interested in making a donation, please contact the shelter at hhpaoffice@hhpa4pets.com.